4th Annual Chad Wilcox Bike/Sled Shootout held at Skyview Drags, along with 2 Day Event!

The 4th Annual Chad Wilcox Bike/Sled Shootout presented by Dote Racing was held at Skyview Drags on Saturday August 9, 2014.  Racers, staff and spectators gathered together to celebrate and honor the life of Chad Wilcox the best way we all know how, by Racing!  On schedule was the Chad Wilcox Race, the 6.50 Index Heads up Race and the Bike/Sled Sweet 16 with over $2000.00 to be paid out to the winners.

Chad Wilcox Race

Winner: Don Becker      Index 6.31   Reaction Time .596  E.T 6.315 at 103.22 mph

Runner-up: Matt Luke   Index 5.73   Reaction Time .553  E.T 5.7140 at 117.80 mph

Semi Finalists: Boyd McGarry

Bike/Sled Sweet 16 Shootout

Winner: Matt Luke             Index 5.79 Reaction Time .492 E.T 5.845 at 105.91 mph

Runner-up: Dennis Boston Index 5.52 Reaction Time .547 E.T 5.704 at 109.79 mph

Semi Finalists: Khyle Jennison & Lynn Major

Bike/Sled 6.50 Index

Winner: Mark Quail           Index 6.50 Reaction Time .499 E.T 6.448 at 98.91 mph

Runner-up: Brian Moulton Index 6.50 Reaction Time .771 E.T 6.411 at 101.80 mph

Semi Finalists: Ryan Orizino

Skyview presented their regular 660 E.T Race Series for Junior Dragster, Super Pro, Pro, Bike/Sled, Street Money, Street Trophy and Mod Trophy with over 200 cars on the property ready for competition. The Junior Dragster Class named Paige Montgomery of Alden NY the class winner in Saturday's competition over Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY.

Winner: Paige Montgomery          Index 8.11  Reaction Time .572 E.T 8.131 at 78.51 mph

Runner-up: Hayden Houghtalen   Index 7.93  Reaction Time .693 E.T 7.965 at 79.21 mph

Semi Finalists: Lewis Ink & Hunter Denmark

In Super Pro eliminator, it was an all door car final with Tom Frank of Webster NY wheeling his Chevy Beretta to Victory Lane over the beautiful Chevy II of Jim Potenziano Jr out of Binghamton NY.

Winner: Tom Frank                  Index 6.32   Reaction Time .542   E.T 6.321 at 108.65 mph

Runner-up: Jim Potenziano Jr   Index 5.73   Reaction Time .554   E.T 5.716 at 121.00 mph

Semi Finalists: Jack Vault & Don Kiekel

Pete D'Agnoli of Rochester NY dominated the Pro Class, taking it to Victory Lane after a break out run by John Cira of Rochester NY in the final round of competition.

Winner: Pete D'Agnoli    Index 6.11   Reaction Time .513   E.T 6.119 at 107.38 mph

Runner-up: John Cira    Index 9.00   Reaction Time .535   E.T 8.996 at 80.07 mph

Semi Finalists: Matt Himes & Vito Raineri

In the regular Bike/Sled 660 E.T Race Series, Dick Reome of Blodgett Mills NY took home the win over Ron Dean of Williamson NY.

Winner: Dick Reome       Index 9.21   Reaction Time .523   E.T 9.214 at 69.46 mph

Runner-up: Ron Dean     Index 6.36   Reaction Time .513   E.T 6.351 at 105.39 mph

Semi Finalists: Bob Salerno

Matt Forbes of Esperance NY took down Super Pro points leader Don Kiekel of Binghtamon NY in a little Mod Trophy competition on Saturday. 

Winner: Matter Forbes     Index 5.59    Reaction Time .557   E.T 5.631 at 118.42 mph

Runner-up: Don Kiekel    Index  5.19   Reaction Time .638   E.T 5.237 at 131.23 mph

In Street Money, Ken Bacon of Elmira NY kept the wins coming after defeating Mike Dunkle of Gillett Pa in the final round.

Winner: Ken Bacon            Index 8.62    Reaction Time .543   E.T 8.666 at 72.66 mph

Runner-up: Mike Dunkle    Index 9.70    Reaction Time .586   E.T 9.745 at 72.34 mph

Semi Finalists: Glenna Erecitano & Gerald Hamlick

A double victory went to Ken Bacon of Elmira NY after turning the win light on against John Hummel in the final round of Street Trophy eliminator.

Winner: Ken Bacon             Index 8.62   Reaction Time .529   E.T 8.864 at 66.17 mph

Runner-up: John Hummel   Index 9.77   Reaction Time .601   E.T 10.088 at 70.61 mph

Semi Finalists: Mike Dunkle & Tim Wright

But racing didn't end there, as Sunday August 10, 2014 brought a whole new day of racing for the 660 E.T Race Series.  The Junior Dragster class kicked of Sunday eliminations with Paige Montgomery of Alden NY and Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY battling it out once again.  This time the win going to Houghtalen!

Winner: Hayden Houghtalen      Index 7.94   Reaction Time .560   E.T 8.023 at 77.82 mph

Runner-up: Paige Montgomery  Index 8.10   Reaction Time .603   E.T 8.158 at 79.26 mph

Semi Finalists: Morgan Burgess

Super Pro competition lined Teammates of Russ Denmark of Ovid NY against Rich Forbes of Esperance NY.  Forbes in the borrowed Race Tech from Reome Racing broke out, turning the win light on for Denmark.

Winner: Russ Denmark             Index 4.73   Reaction Time .521   E.T 4.737 at 144.62 mph

Runner-up: Richie Forbes         Index 4.77   Reaction Time .415   E.T 4.767 at 144.72 mph

Semi Finalists: Steve Morton

Saturday's Pro runner-up John Cira of Rochester NY earned his way to the Victory Lane in Sunday's Pro competition after a win against Dave Fetterman of Binghamton NY.

Winner: John Cira                    Index 9.04   Reaction Time .525   E.T 9.094 at 75.61 mph

Runner-up: Dave Fetterman     Index 6.92   Reaction Time .589   E.T 6.934 at 97.39 mph

Semi Finalists: Mel Teed

Ron Dean and Dick Reome battled it out once again in the Bike/Sled eliminator, with Ron Dean going to Victory Lane in a double break out final round. 

Winner: Ron Dean                   Index 6.35    Reaction Time .628   E.T 6.339 at 105.61 mph

Runner-up: Dick Reome           Index 7.92    Reaction Time .700   E.T 7.907 at 84.86 mph

Semi Finalists: Rob Withers

In Mod Trophy, multi-time winner George Coleman of Barton NY wheeled the Chevy powered door slammer to Victory Lane over the Quay Dragster of Matt Forbes out of Esperance NY after trouble on the starting line.

Winner: George Coleman          Index 7.36   Reaction Time .564 E.T 7.412 at 85.37

Runner-up: Matt Forbes           Index 5.33   Reaction Time N/A  E.T N/A

Tim Wright out of Apalachin NY earned his way to Victory Lane in the black GTO after defeating John Cira of Rochester NY in the final round of Street Money.

Winner: Tim Wright                 Index 8.03    Reaction Time .508  E.T 8.055 at 85.42 mph

Runner-up: John Cira              Index 9.05    Reaction Time .537  E.T 9.038 at 79.94 mph

Semi Finalists: Ed Arnold

Ken Bacon went home with his 3rd win of the 2 day race weekend in the Street Trophy class after taking out Joe Patelunas of Elmira Heights NY in a double break out.

Winner: Ken Bacon                 Index 8.60    Reaction Time .590    E.T 8.587 at 79.38 mph

Runner-up: Joe Patelunas       Index 9.26    Reaction Time .560    E.T 9.208 at 76.78 mph

Semi Finalists: Tim Wright

By: Crystal Curpier