Second Double Points Event Shakes up the 660 ET Race Series

The 660 ET Race Series revs into high gear at Skyview Drags after a double points event held on Saturday August 2, 2014.  Competition stays tight as drivers continue to battle it out for the top spot. Mike Scribani of Oneonta NY took the lead in the Pro Class with a win in Saturday’s race over Shane Garinger of New Albany Pa. Scribani dialed 6.50 went .530 on the tree running 6.516 at 104.44 mph. Garinger, went .521 on the tree running 6.721 at 100.65 mph on a 6.68 dial. In the Semi Final round, Sandy Hacker of Bainbridge NY was defeated by Shane Garinger and Bryon Morningstar of Sheshequin Pa ended his day after a loss to Scribani.

Current Points:

  1. Mike Scribani -50

  1. Paul Scribani -44

  1. Anthony Zangari -44

  1. Shane Garinger -40

  1. Bryon Morningstar -35

In Super Pro, Gene Stankivitz of Chittenango NY took it to Victory Lane after a win against points leader Don Kiekel of Binghamton NY. Stankivitz dialed in at 5.09 went .508 on the tree running 5.092 at 132.67 mph to Kiekel's .504 tree, 4.854 at 141.98 on a 4.84 dial, .008 at the stripe.  Carrie Reome of Blodgett Mills NY went home with a Semi Final finish.

Current Points:

  1. Don Kiekel -51

  1. Russ Denmark -37

  1. Rich Forbes -28

  1. Steve Morton -28

  1. Kris Larsen -27

Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY dominated the Jr Dragster Class after defeating last weeks class winner, Paige Montgomery of Alden NY.  Denmark dialed 8.29, went .692 on the tree running 8.330 at 77.45 mph. Montgomery broke out running 8.057 at 78.40 mph on her 8.11 dial, .665 tree.  Dunham Hall of Syracuse NY made an appearance at the Ridge on Saturday, ending the day as the semi finalists.

Current Points:

  1. Morgan Burgess -34

  1. Abby Hacker -30

  1. Hunter Denmark -28

  1. Chandler McGarry -23

  1. Hayden Houghtalen -20

Lynn Major of Tioga Center NY took the Bike/Sled points lead after a win against Dick Reome of Blodgett Mills NY, putting Reome in second place.  Major dialed 5.05, went .526 on the tree, running 5.065 at 131.96 mph.  Reome dialed 9.11, went .552 on the tree running 9.147 at 70.88 mph.  John Puglisi lost to Reome in the Semi Final round.

Current Points:

  1. Lynn Major -37

  1. Dick Reome -36

  1. Khyle Jennison -12

Russ Denmark of Ovid NY shared the Victory Lane with daughter and Junior Dragster winner, Hunter Denmark, with a win in the Mod Trophy Class. Denmark, wheeling the borrowed dragster of Forbes Racing, defeated George Coleman of Barton Pa.  Denmark dialed 5.34, went .502 on the tree, running 5.421 at 121.34 mph.  Coleman broke out running 6.096 at 112.57 mph on a 6.12 dial, .629 reaction time.  Semi Final finish went to Manley Houghtalen of Sayre Pa, after a loss to Coleman.

In Street Money, Tim Wright of Apalachin NY took out Gary French of Waterloo NY in the final round.  Wright dialed 8.00, ran dead on his dial going 8.0000 at 87.36, .557 reaction time.  French went .518 on the tree, but broke out running 8.200 at 84.76 mph on a 8.21 dial. Dennis Achilles earned the Semi Final honors.

Current Points:

  1. Ken Bacon -42

  1. Gary French -39

  1. Tim Wright -38

  1. Mike Ryck -31

  1. Haley Teed -24

Joe Patelunas wheeled his way around Mike Dunkle of Gillett Pa in the final round of Street Trophy after a red light start by Dunkle. Patelunas dialed 9.46, went .598 on the tree running 9.485 at 73.18 mph.  Dunkle, with a too quick .476 red, ran 9.720 at 72.70 mph on a 9.77 dial.  Patelunas defeated Ken Bacon of Elmira NY in the Semi Final round.

Current Points:

  1. Tim Wright -40

  1. Ken Bacon -35

  1. Mike Ryck -31

  1. Mike Dunkle -31

  1. John Coleman -13

A Gamblers Race was held after 3rd round of competition, with Jim Stilloe of Johnson City NY taking home the pot over Jeff Coleman.  Stilloe dialed 5.89 went .509 on the tree running 5.906 at 115.64 mph.  Coleman dialed 7.09, went .518 on the tree running 7.136 at 97.61 mph.

By: Crystal Curpier