Successful day at the ridge on Saturday June 7, 2014!

Week 3 of Skyview Drags 660 ET Racing Series is in the books after a successful day at the ridge on Saturday June 7, 2014.  Added to the days schedule and new this year was a Gambler's Choice Race open to all 3rd round class losers.  Boyd McGarry of Horseheads NY took home the gambler's pot over Russ Story.

The Junior Dragster final round brought tough competitor's Morgan Burgess of Canton Pa and Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY against each other for the second week in a row.  Burgess went on to Victory Lane after a break-out by Denmark.  Burgess dialed 7.92, had the better .577 reaction time running a 7.947 ET.  Denmark dialed 8.50, went .595 on the tree, running a too quick 8.470 ET.  Semi Finals went to the “In The Hunt” junior dragster driven by Lewis Ink of Barton NY.

In Super Pro, it was Miller Dragster vs Miller Dragster, with the C&S Custom Woodworking sponsored machine driven by Pete Curpier of Oneonta NY going to Victory Lane.  Curpier took the win over the Pro Charged Chevy powered dragster driven by Rich Forbes of Esperance NY.  Curpier left first dialed 4.77 going .546 on the tree, running a 4.804 ET.  Forbes gave chase dialed 4.43, going .524 on the tree, but had mechanical problems half track , running a 4.545 ET on his dial.  Mark Talmadge of Williamson NY was the Super Pro Semi Finalists.

Bryon Morningstar of Sheshequin Pa earned his first win in the Pro class after defeating Mark Talmadge in the final round.  Morningstar dialed 6.76, had the starting line advantage with a .522 tree, running dead on with a 6.761 ET.  Talmadge, went .526 on the tree, but broke out running 6.147 ET on his 6.16 dial.  Semi Final honors went to the Scribani brothers, Paul Scribani of Delhi NY and Mike Scribani of Oneonta NY. 

In Bike/Sled,  Khyle Jennison took home the win over runner-up Dick Reome of Blodgett Mills NY.  Jennison, dialed 6.28, went .557 on the tree running 6.429 ET on his dial.  Reome, went .693 on the tree running a 9.142 ET on his 9.09 dial.  Boyd McGarry finished as the Bike/Sled Semi Finalists after a loss to Jennison. 

Kim Rogge was all smiles in the Victory Lane after her win over Jack Reome of Blodgett Mills in the Modified Trophy class.  Rogge dialed 6.89, ran dead on her dial, going a 6.898 ET, .636 reaction time.  Reome, dialed 5.46, went .553 on the tree running a 5.648 ET.  Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa earned the Semi Finalist honors after being defeated by Reome.

In the Street Money class, Joe Patelunas of Elmira Heights NY scored the win over Ed Arnold in a double break-out final elimination.  Patelunas dialed 10.20, went 10.197 ET, .641 on the tree.  Arnold, dialed 11.30, went .630 on the tree, but a too quick 11.223 ET.  Semi Final honors went to John Zachary of Homer NY.

Joe Patelunas continued his winning streak with a win in Street Trophy after defeating Tim Wright of Apalachin NY.  Patelunas dialed 10.18, ran dead on, going 10.183 ET, .542 reaction time.  Wright dialed 8.03, broke out running a 8.028 ET, .630 reaction time.  Ed Arnold took home the Semi Final spot.  Congratulations Joe on your double victory!

A big Congratulations to all of the class winners!  Ladies, let's get suited up for some Girls Gone Racing June 14, 2014 proudly sponsored by Precision Crankworks in loving memory of Theresa Kawryga.  Plus, you won't want to miss the Street Outlaw of David “Big Daddy” Comstock!

By: Crystal Curpier