Aaron Hacker Scores First Super Pro Win of the Year; Al Pearson, Kirsty Roefs and Carrie Reome Also Win

Bainbridge New York's Aaron Hacker, youngest of the Hacker family of racing, scored his first Super Pro win of the year Saturday, Oct. 2, at Skyview Drags. Joining Hacker in victory lane were Al Pearson (Pro), Kirsty Roefs (Street), Carrie Reome (Bike/Sled), Brandon Searcy (TCR), Joe Shipman (Trophy) and Danny Morris (Juniors).

Hacker drove his small block Chevy powered rear engine dragster to the win over Ontario's Charles White, who was also looking for the $900 first place money in his 355 powered AMC Hornet. Hacker was ready, as his great .506 light was better than White's game .531 (.500 perfect), and coupled it with a winning 5.22 on a 5.19 at 126.49 to the runner-up's 6.79 on a 6.76 at 100.20.

In Pro, Al Pearson drove his trusty MOPAR 440 Barracuda to his second win of the year, this time taking out Steve Doss, who bulbed in the final. Pearson cut a .544, and then went 6.54 on a 6.51 at 101.28 to defeat the red-lighting Doss, who slowed to a 13.71 at 37 mph after his starting line miscue on a 6.30 dial.

Street Eliminator found Kirsty Roefs posting her third win of the year in her Unadilla based 350 Chevy Camaro. Roefs cut a .533 final round reaction and then delivered a right on 8.35 on an 8.35 at 84.26 to turn back Roger Seidel, who threw away a second best 8.60 on an 8.56 at 83.93 with an automatic loss .365 red-light.

In Bike and Sled, Carrie Reome, McGraw, posted yet another win in the tough division, driving her sled to a winning 8.63 on an 8.62 at 74.37 with a .560 light to defeat Friendsville's Randy Teed, also on a racing sled. Teed caught the red light also, as his .479 gave the win to Reome. Teed stayed in it, going 5.85 on a 5.94 at 114.22.

In TCR, Brandon Searcy took the win with a .797 light and a run of 10.71 on a 10.69 at 66.55. The runner-up was Teresa Kurtz, Newark Valle, who drove her Pontiac Grand Am to the runner-up honor with a "close but no cigar" .493 red-light.

The Junior Dragster class found Danny Morris, Prattsburg, driving to the win with a near perfect .503 light and a 9.25 on a 9.18 at 60.69 to defeat Amelia Scofield, Spencer, who cut a .609 reaction time and a 9.25 on a 9.16 at 69.44.

Joe Shipman took home the hardware in the trophy class, defeating Howie Conklin in the final round. Shipman's winning .529, 8.10 on an 8.00 at 80.46 put away Conklin, who went .632, 8.53 on an 8.45 at 83.77 in his runner-up effort.