Erik Larsen nabs first Super Pro win of the year at Skyview Drags!

bss_ggr_660etErik Larsen, Cortland, led a bevy of winners Saturday, Aug. 7, as Skyview Drags held its “Girlz Gone Racing” event. Joining Larsen in victory lane were Chrissy Klein (Girlz Gone Racing), Howard Roberts (Pro), Kirsty Roefs (Street) Dick Reome ( Bike/Sled) Jim Collins (Pro Bike Sled Shootout), Cory Bingel (Sweet 16 Bike Sled), Kimberly Kline (Jr. Dragster),  and Teresa Kurtz (TCR).

Larsen drove his beautiful 468 big-block powered Pontiac GTO to the win in Super, defeating Binghamton’s Joe Donohue in a Spitzer 505 big block in the final. Larsen cranked out a winning 5.95 on a 5.92 at 116.89 with a .512 reaction (.500 perfect) to turn back Donohue’s snoozing .1150 and a too quick 5.49 on a 5.51 at 126.10. 

Kline, racing out of Livingston Manor and representing the Bike/Sled crew, took the win on her snowmobile with a 7.03 on a 6.94 at 91.04 with a .563 light. Runner-up honors went to Mel Teed, who drives the Teed Family supercharged big block Oldsmobile. Teed’s runner-up effort netted a too quick 5.89 on a 5.91 at 114.82 with a better .539 reaction. 

Roberts, racing out of Brewerton, New York, defeated Gary Pascucci, Endicott, the later who has been running very well with two runner-ups now in recent weeks. The days was all Roberts, however, as he took the win light in a double breakout affair, running out by the least with a 6.21 on a 6.22 with a .608 light. Pascucci, in his Pontiac Grand Prix, was more under with a 6.44 on a 6.47 at 103.46 with a .560 light for the runner-up money.


In Street Money Eliminator, current point leader and defending champ Gino Mangino came up on the losing end of a match with rookie drag racer and first time winner Kirsty Roefs, who campaigns the “Consign It” Chevy Camaro out of Unadilla. Roefs, who finally cashed in after several “close to winning” performances,  cranked out a victorious 8.21 on an 8.20 at 85.50 with a great .515 light to turn back Mangino’s  Binghamton based Chevy Nova, which trailed at 7.88 on a 7.86 at 82.76 with a .605 light. 

 Bike/Sled found the popular Dicky Reome taking the win on his Polaris snowmobile for his second win of the year. Reome, a noted and respected guitarist with the band “Avigal,” defeated New York racer Matt Luke in the4 final with a near perfect 7.86 on a 7.85 at 85.38 with a .564 reaction to turn back Luke’s second best and too quick 6.80 on a 6.82 at 93.94 with a game .572 light. 

In Pro Bike/Sled, Jim Collins, Chittenango, drove his Suzuki to the win over Luke’s Kawasaki KZ1000, making it a two runner-up day for Luke. Collins cruised at a .677, 5.25 on a 5.23 at 128.51 when Luke bulbed away his chances at the start with a close .492.

The Bike/Sled Sweet 16 found Cory Bingel on his bike defeating sled competitor Steve Lumsben for the money. Bingel went 5.24 on a 5.23 at 130.44 to a losing and troubled 7.40 on a 6.90 at 92.93 for the runner-up. 

Kimberley Kline took the win in Junior Dragster, defeating current point leader Matt Forbes in the final. Klein went 8.03 on a 7.98 with a .539 light at 81.64 to defeat Forbes’ second best 8.01 on a 7.94 with a better .527 reaction. The second chance Junior winner went to current champion Amelia Scofield, Spencer, who defeated Randi Teed in the final in her Friendsville based dragster. Scofield’s winning time was 9.04 on a 9.02 at 71.98 with a .639 to Teed’s better but too quick 10.78 on a 10.84 at 59.75 with a .575 reaction. 

In the final eliminator, Teresa Kurtz posted another win in her Newark Valley based Pontiac Grand Am, defeating Dennis Achilles in the final. Kurtz cut a good light at .553 and then went 11.07 on an 11.02 at 63.63 for the easy win over Achilles, who trailed with a 10.35 on a 10.26 at 70.19 with a .783 light.