Forbes takes Super Pro on second day of Skyview Drags Northern Bracket Nationals

Richie Forbes returned to the Skyview Drags winners circle in the second day of competition at the Northern Bracket Nationals. Behind the wheel of his rear engine dragster, powered by a big block Chevy, the Esperence racer nabbed the win event by defeating Ken Miller, out of Mohawk, in an extremely close run. Forbes better .505 light was nearly matched by Miller’s .507, but Forbes prevailed with a 4.73 on a 4.72 at 137.58 to Miller’s slightly too quick, but losing, 6.85 on a 6.86 at 98.91. Carl Drake Jr. took home the semi-final money.

Pro honors went to Carl Drake Sr. and his beautiful ’66 Chevy II out of Binghamton to defeat the runner-up effort of New York’s Bob Myers. Drake went 5.71 on a 5.70 with a .586 light at 120 mph to defeat Myers’ second best 6.09 on a 6.01at 103 mph with a better .531 light. Tony Scribani in a Camero and Lee Mills in his Ford Fairland were the semi-finalists.

Matt Peterson, Spencer, scored the win in Street Trophy in his Buick with a run of 8.35 on an 8.32 with a .619 light at 80 mph. He defeated Kirsty Roefs, Unadilla, in a “second match up” of the opening night final with the same results.  Kirsty went too quick for the second night in a row, even though she dialed down slightly from the opening night’s race. Roefs  ran out with an 8.43 on an 8.44 at 83 mph with a .686 light. Gary French, Seneca Falls, in a Buick, took home the semi-final honors.

Carrie Rome, wife of Super Pro racer Jack, drove her Blodgett Mills sled to a big win in the Bike/Sled division, defeating Rick Woodruff for the money. Reome cut a game light with a .536 and ran a near perfect 8.63 on an 8.62 at 73.77 to take the win. Woodruff eliminated himself at the start with a .216 red light and a 5.73 on a 5.66 at 124. Mark Hadley, Berkshire, took the semi-final honors.

Teresa Kurtz drove to her second win of the year in her Newark Valley based Pontiac Grand Am. She defeated five time winner Christian Taylor in his yellow Mustang. Posting a winning 12.75 on a 12.72 with an .866 light to Taylor’s second best and too quick 12.75 on a 12.82 at 53.88 with an .836 reaction.

The “No Box” Gamblers event went to Randy Teed, Friendsville, as he defeated Chris Scarlata in a car versus sled match up, respectively. Zane Furman, New Albany, in his Dodge and George Coleman, Barton, in his big block 502 Camaro, were the semi finalists.