Denmark, Furman and Peterson score on first day of Northern Bracket Nationals

Russ Denmark (Super Pro), Zane Furman (Pro) and Matt Peterson (Street Money) led a group of winning racers as Skyview Drags presented its inaugural Northern Bracket Nationals July 2-3. Joining the winners in victory lane at the June 2 event were Howie Conklin (Street Trophy), Brandon Searcy (TCR) and Rich Reome (Bike Sled).

Denmark posted his second win in a row in Super, having won the week prior in his Ovid based rear engine big block Chevy dragster. Denmark’s final round foe was arch nemesis Don Kiekel, Kirkwood, in his similar dragster sponsored by Kiekel’s Precision Crankworks operation. Denmark needed his right on 5.15 on a 5.15 dial at 141 mph with a .542 reaction as Kiekel reeled off a .515 reaction and then went .03 off with a 5.19 on a 5.16 at 127 to make it a very close win for Denmark. New York racer Tom Samsel was the lone semi-finalist.

In Pro, Camptown’s Zane Furman in his Plymouth Roadrunner 440 lined up against current point leader Ray Thurston IV in the Tony DiRose Mustang/Chevy. Furman took the win light with a.525 light coupled with a 7.00 on a 6.99 at 95 mph to turn back Towanda, Pa.’s Thurston IV, who carded a second best .565 reaction with a too quick 6.21 on a 6.22 at 108 mph for the runner-up honors. Dave Fetterman, Binghamton, was the lone semi-finalist in his Dodge.

In Street Money, Matt Peterson posted another win in his Buick Regal when he defeated the Corvette of Owego’s Rich Lapcevich. Peterson went right on his dial with an 8.34 on an 8.34 at 79 mph with a .543 light to defeat Lapcevich’s 7.98 on a 7.96 at 85 mph with a .689 light. Howie Conklin took home the semi-final bragging rights.

In Bike/Sled action, Rich Reome posted his first win of the year when he drove his Polaris to a big win over defending class champ Brent Garcia on a Buell motorcycle. Reome, who hails from Blodgget Mills, cut a great light with a .504 reaction (.500 perfect) and then cruised to the win with a 7.94 on a 7.90 at 83 mph to Garcia’s second best .573, 6.93 on a 6.89 at 98 mph on his Cincinnatus based bike.

Teen Championship Racing (TCR) found area racer Brandon Searcy in his GMC pickup nabbing the win over Newark Valley’s Teresa Kurtz in her Pontiac Grand Am. Searcy went 11.33 on a 10.79 with a .719 light to defeat the red-light start of Kurtz.

In Street Trophy, Howie Conklin too the win with an 8.45 on an 8.41 at 84 mph with a .620 light to defeat the too quick effort of runner-up Kirsty Roefs, Unadilla, in her House Of Consignment Camaro, which went 8.44 on an 8.45 with a better .619 light at 78 mph.

The Precision Crankworks Junior Dragster crown went to Ashley Denmark, daughter of Super winner Russ and his wife Karen.  Denmark drove to the win with a fine .537 light, and then ran a 8.25 on an 8.24 at 77 mph to defeat Matt Forbes, who ran out after cutting a slower light with a .628 reaction and an 8.07 on an 8.13 at 81.53. Jared Baker, Newfield, took home semi-final honors.

In the second chance Junior race, Haley Teed, Friendsville, wired the field with a .584 light and a 9.86 on an a 9.85 at 66 mph  to turn back Jared Baker, whose .361 red-light ended the run at the start. Abby Hacker, Bainbridge, was the semi-finalist.

In Gamblers Race competition, the Box event went to Bob Hacker, Bainbridge, who drove his small block dragster to a big win over Erik Larsen, Cortland, with Tim Roberts taking home the semi-final honors.

The No Box event found Bob Belvick taking home the money in his Chevy Camaro out of  Durhamville. Belvick took out a broken Larry Carasea, Vestal, also in a Camaro, the latter which broke second gear in a winning semi-final performance. Gary Pascucci was the lone semi-finalist.