Skyview Drags ‘Welcome Packet’ and Precision Crankworks Gifts for Junior Dragster Competitors!

jr_dragstersSkyview Drags Junior Dragster racers have something special to look forward to for the 2010 season as track management recently announced a special “welcome packet” for all Juniors.

Skyview Drags is preparing welcome packets to any and all Junior competitors who sign up at the track and race the 2010 season. Drivers must sign up for points by the second race in June to receive the welcome package, so there are many weeks forthcoming to receive the welcome packet. Packets will contain a special bag, t-shirt, decals and a mouse pad.  There is no charge to sign up for points.

To “sweeten the pot” even more, Junior Dragster sponsors Don and Kathy Kiekel, of Precision Crankworks, will also have special gifts to handout as well.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some special Skyview Drags and Precision Crankworks giveaways. This “sale” ends June 12, so take advantage of the opportunity!