Garinger Takes Home 2nd Season Win in Juniors!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with Skyview Drags best efforts to hold a Test & Tune and Gamblers Race on Friday June 5, 2015.  A storm cell came through leaving the track no choice but to cancel racing for the evening after sending a few pair down the track. 

With over 100 competitors entered Saturday June 6, 2015, Skyview marked the 3rd points race of the season completed in the books.  The results:

Junior Dragster

Hannah Garinger of Exeter Pa took home the first class win of the day in the Junior Program against rookie, Anthony Ferrigno.  Garinger at the line and going for her second win of the season, dialed 8.00 against Ferrgno's 13.85 ET.  Ferrigno went .429 red on the tree, automatically turning the win light on for Garinger who went .600 on the tree, and ran dead on her dial 8.0009 at 79.79 mph.  In the semi finals, veteran racer, Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY took home the semi final finish after being defeated by Ferrigno.  Denmark dialed 8.11, broke out running a 8.101 at 74.61 mph, .561 reaction time.  Ferrigno dialed 13.75, went .605 on the tree running 14.047 at 43.65 mph.  Garinger had the bye run to the final.

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Quick Updates

TRACK PHONE: 607-343-9325

RACE FUEL: Now being sold every Saturday at Shangri-La II by Tom Bellinger. If you need to reach Tom to make sure he has the racing fuel octane you need, contact him at 607-343-2567.



Good Morning Racers & Fans: It's day's like these that give us ulcers. Weather for today shows a very good chance for rain from 4-6 PM. We usually start First Round at 4 PM. So now we have to make the difficult call. If we're right, we're heroes! If we guess wrong, it's "you made a terrible call!"

But make the call we must. We've decided to err on the side of caution and rather than call you all here, take your money, and then probably endure 3 hours of rain in the early evening, we've decided to CANCEL RACES FOR TODAY.

So don't load up folks, we are NOT racing today. We hope to see everyone next weekend for Friday night Test & Tune and Saturday & Sunday Points Racing. And please ask Mother Nature to be kind to us!


2 Day Memorial Day Weekend Race Kicks Off the 2015 Skyview Drags Race Season!

The Memorial Day Weekend marked the official start to the 2015 race season at Skyview Drags with a successful 2 day race in honor of SSG William R. Wilson III.  A service, lead by Super Pro driver Kathy Kiekel, was held following the Junior program in honor of Wilson.  Drivers, spectators and former service men lined up to honor Wilson's life.  The Junior Dragster program kicked off the event on Saturday May 23, 2015 with the first season win going to Hannah Garinger of Exeter Pa.  Garinger, making her debut this season in her all new 7.90 dragster, turned the win light on against 2014 Junior Dragster Champion, Morgan Burgess.  Burgess, dialed 7.90, went .660 on the tree, running dead on her dial, 7.901 at 81.05 mph.  But Garinger in a whole shot win went .639 on the tree running an 8.004 at 80.10 mph on her 7.99 dial. 

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Precision Crankworks steps up to offer a PERFECT PASS fund for the track's points racers.

Longtime supporters of Skyview Drags, Precision Crankworks has just announced that they will sponsor a Perfect Pass fund starting with the 2015 race season and continuing on until it has been claimed.

Racers must be registered Points Racers at the track. They must compete in a non-trophy class (Super Pro, Pro, Bike/Sled, Street Money or Junior Dragster) and the Perfect Pass must be won during a Points Race competition elimination round.

After each points race, the Perfect Pass fund will grow by $20 ($40 for Double Points races) and will continue to grow until it is claimed by one lucky racer.

Our special thanks to Don & Kathy Kiekel for offering such a great opportunity for our racers.


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