junior ironmanThe second Annual Ironman Classic went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 5 as racers from Super Pro, Pro, Bike/Sled, Street and Junior Dragster classes all came to Rumble Ridge in their quest to earn the IHRA’s most coveted trophy. It was a blistering hot and humid day with extremely hot track temperatures throughout the day making for a tricky track to power the cars down.

The day started off with the Precision Crankworks Junior Dragster class, where 16 young racers entered into the single elimination race with the hopes of taking home their very own Ironman trophy. Weaving their way through 5 rounds of racing, the finals pitted Kimberly Klein from Livingston Manor, NY against Paige Montgomery from Alden, NY. Montgomery ran a 9.186 Elapsed Time (ET) on her 9.17 dial while Klein ran an 8.056 on her 8.03 dial. But it was Klein’s hole shot reaction time off the starting line that gave her the edge and turned on the win light. This was 15-year old Klein’s first Ironman Trophy. Morgan Bunal from Rome, NY was the semi-finalist.




On Saturday, August 20, 2011 during Skyview Drags race program, the track announced a major give-away for the 2012 season. Skyview Drags is selling $5 raffle tickets to benefit the 2011 Team Skyview program for the Bracket Finals. “Because of the state of the economy, we wanted to find a way to raise money to help offset the entrance fees to the IHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals,” said track director Amy Culver. “Our racers are on limited budgets and with the price of fuel for towing and racing, as well as the costs associated with travelling to Pittsburgh for 4-5 nights, we had to find some way to help our racers.”

By selling the raffle tickets, Skyview has come up with a quick way to raise money and in return the racers get a great benefit and an amazing grand prize. “First, the racers who buy these raffle tickets are helping themselves,” said Culver. “All of the money raised from the sale of these tickets goes right back to the racers in the form of reduced costs for the Bracket Finals.” Tickets will be on sale from August 20, 2011 through and including September 17, 2011 which is the last point race before Team Skyview leaves for the Bracket Finals.

Skyview resumes points racing on Saturday, October 1st and the winning ticket will be drawn at that time. One lucky racer will win a free pass to race in 2012. This pass will be good for all regular point races next year. It is not valid for Friday night Test & Tune or any special shows. “This is a great chance for our racers to invest $5 for a chance to win a free racing season,” said Culver. “A racer, depending on the class they race in, can spend anywhere from $500 to well over $1,000 in entrance fees to race with us for a full season, so this is a small investment with a huge payoff opportunity.”

Tickets went on sale immediately and Pro Class racers Jeff Gallick from Athens, PA and Mike Ink from Barton, NY were the first racers to snatch up their 2 tickets. Super Pro racer Don Kiekel from Binghamton, NY then snagged his 4 tickets followed immediately by the Cerio family who race in the Bike/Sled class who claimed their 4 tickets for a chance to win free racing in 2012. Don’t miss out racers! Be sure to visit the concession stand or the registration booth and get your $5 tickets for your chance to win this great prize.


Nearly 200 Racers Pay Tribute to a Fellow Racer in the Chad Wilcox Memorial Bike/Sled Shootout

Chad Wilcox (holding plaque) takes home the win in 2010 at Skyview Drags. Celebrating with him are the Dote family (left) and his parents Lynette & Jim Wilcox (right).

On Saturday, August 20, 2011 181 racers, their families, friends and fans gathered at Skyview Drags to honor the late Chad Wilcox formerly of Brookfield, NY, who was 24-years of age when he passed away on July 4, 2010 as the result of a tragic snowmobile drag racing accident at another race track.

Wilcox had raced his snowmobile at Skyview Drags in the Bike/Sled class and had several wins under his belt at Skyview. He is survived by his parents, Jim & Lynnette Wilcox and his brothers Matthew and Bradley (Brynley) Wilcox. He left behind his loving fiancée Joanna Dote, her parents Mike and Connie Dote and her sister Camie Manner. Wilcox was a member of the Dote Racing team and the Dote family sponsored the Memorial event at the track this past weekend.

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Veteran Pro Class Racer Jeff Coleman Earns His First Trip to Victory Lane!

skyview1With the weather forecasters predicting a high chance of rain starting around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13, Skyview Drags pushed hard to get their weekly show in and finished before the skies opened up. The Skyview staff had the track prepped and ready for the first class to begin promptly at 10 a.m.

In the Junior Dragster class, nine racers, ages eight to 18, wheeled their scale-version dragsters onto the track to vie for the $200 savings bond and trophy offered by Skyview every week. In addition, the class sponsor, Precision Crankworks out of Kirkwood, N.Y. offered a $50 Visa gift card to the first Junior racer in competition who had a .50 light.

It came down to the semi-finals before Jared Baker, out of Newfield, N.Y. nailed a .5020 reaction time to claim the $50 gift card. That stellar reaction time also earned him a bye run into the Elimination finals, where he would face Teresa Kurtz from Newark Valley, N.Y. Kurtz defeated young rookie racer Hayden Houghtalen who made it all the way to the semi-finals after only a few weeks in this sport. In the final round, Jared Baker would run an 8.045 Elapsed Time (ET) on his 8.02 dial at 80.45 mph while Kurtz would break out, running a 9.193 ET on her 9.22 dial at 70.85 mph.

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Another gorgeous day of racing at Skyview Drags as seven classes were run off without a hitch this past Saturday. The IHRA member track located in Tioga Center, NY opened mid-season 2004 and has been running a full bracket racing program ever since. Skyview Drags has won numerous IHRA awards for its facility and its racing program. The track is open from late April until late October on Friday nights for Test & Tune and on Saturdays for racing.

7-30_alyssaThe day started off with the Junior Dragster class where 16 young racers vied for the top prize of a $200 savings bond and a gorgeous trophy. Those racers not lucky enough to win the first round were offered a Second Chance Race to continue to hone their skills and get more seat time. In this week’s Second Chance Race, the finals saw Jared Baker from Newfield, NY face off against Teresa Kurtz from Newark Valley, NY. Both race cars are sponsored by Baker Racing. Baker had a good .5249 reaction time but was off his dial by quite a lot, running an 8.133 ET on his 8.02 dial. Kurtz had a respectable .5561 reaction time and but broke out when she ran a 9.356 Elapsed Time (ET) on her 9.36 dial, thus handing the win over to Baker. Tristan Roefs from Unadilla, NY and Faith Peckham from Oriskany Falls, NY were semi-finalists. In Junior Dragster Eliminations, the finals pitted 2010 Rookie of the Year racer and current points leader Randi Teed from Friendsville, PA against rookie racer Alyssa Cody from VanEtten, NY. With both cars staged, Cody left first with a good .5251 reaction time. As Teed’s lights came down, she was just a bit too anxious and red lit with a .4998 reaction time, handing the win to Cody who collected her first winner’s trophy! Dylan Peckham from Oriskany Falls, NY was the semi-finalist.



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